Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Valarie Vargas. Pride And Joy Poster.

This hangs, happily next to my bed. so glad i went to the Frith Street Stand. her works amazing!

Finished Cups.

Felt "Brush" Pens..

I got time for this girl. pushes me to get the fuck out of h&m and into what i really want to do. gets me drunk on friday nights, pulls my top down, scrubs my artificial beauty spot off my face, calls me old, a goth, a lesbian and all sorts of other affectionate names, but as many people are leaving me behind and venturing off to what they imagine to be pastures greener this little knob (whose taller than me) is looking after me..
until SHE fucks off in April :(


i am not the person i was three years ago, no one i know has remained the same either. just a bit of stability would be nice. everything keeps changing everyday and most of the time i can't keep up... sometimes i miss the people i used to know, not what they've become. but who am i to talk when i've changed too.. just sayin'

Sunday, 12 September 2010


the candle flame is alot yellower but the glare of my spotlamp kills it. stupid thing.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

and so i draw some more.. and trust me, my desk is a shithole!

i am...

a fucking goth! 
i only died my hair darker as my light hair was starting to get in piss poor condition from being blonde and usully when this happens i darken it and it sorts itself out however i wasnt planning on dying it black.. i got distracted by my drawing and left it on for over half hour more than i should.... we'll see if it helps... if not, i may end up like Gail Porter haha!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

I'm one of these ungrateful souls...

My life is far from shit, but i still moan about every aspect of it. OK, so i don't have many really friends and i don't leave my house a considerable amount aside from venturing out for work. I don't have a lot of money even though I'm working my life away and have little to show for it currently, but, i have a family made up of loving grandparents, a mother who forgets i exist, a brother who has the devil inside him and a sister who is the next Vicky Pollard of Thanet as well as a few key characters i like to keep within some form of friendship with...Still, I've learnt a lot, seen a lot and am ambitious, sometimes i just wish I'd make my bloody mind up as to what interests me most... hopefully I'll figure it out! Anyway, summers pretty much over and so i am posting a few snap shots of my summer 2010....

Hevy Festival.

Here are some pictures from Hevy Fest last month! It was a good day but a bloody LONG one! i'd never make it through a full festival alive!


Friday, 3 September 2010


i draw. Alot. sometimes they aren't very good and sometimes they are OK.