Saturday, 25 June 2011

being a mincer.

but on this occassion i didnt actually take the picture! my darling sibling did, before then beating the shit out of me for stealing my own perfume back! oh the joys of being the big sister!
i'm really starting to feel fucking proud of myself lately, although i don't have every thing i want, i've done a bloody lot in a year! i've learnt to drive, i've taken my work to tattoo shops for input, i've started to get better at dealing with shit (only slowely), i've walked away from the people i don't think are good for me anymore, i've become part of management at work, got tattoo'ed quite a lot, and ive lost half a stone in two weeks! fucking yes! im dying for a pint of coke, FULL FAT! at that! :( and some carbs! you have NO idea how well marmite on toast would go down right now! mm! but im resisting! i even had chocolate lobbed at me yesterday and i still held out! girls doing goooood! now to get on with all the other shit i want... which is just standard girlish wants i suppose haha! wish me luck!
its not finished yet. but its too wet to do anymore. i need to black a lot more in and tidy up some bits of it, but you get the general idea :)

Thursday, 23 June 2011