Tuesday, 19 April 2011

totally bummin' these!!

In progress.

THIS IS VERY MUCH A ROUGH! the writings going and im fixing the gap at the top in the middle of the border and lions head! after a week of looking at ways to draw a lions head i think im nearly there :)

Finished Emblem.. this bad boys all done! just need to even up the colour as some of its off black for some reason :(

Sunday, 17 April 2011


these are my new canterbury friends, i work with one of them in my shop in westwood cross and the rest are her house mates who i really get along with! 3rd weekend in a row ive graced canterbury! i hate coming home again though :(

Monday, 4 April 2011

this makes me very happy.

i need a fucking hair cut and a growth spurt!

alright fringe face!! 
despite looking like an absolute midget i am 5'6!! well, give or take a few centimeters!
this is my friend lee from work, i love him to bits! one of the few that gets my humour! 
i pretty much have a totally different out look on people and a complete different group of friends to what i had this time last year, let alone 6 months ago.. i'm a lot happier now, thank fuck. although my bitterness still creeps up on me occasionally. and yes, i am drinking water... mainly because i mixed cider and rum in the same glass and created a concoction that i only had the option to speed drink as it tasted sooo bloody vile, but before that i already had a few too many! all hail the lightweight nimmo!


WHYYYY!! :'( least i get to see their last show at hevy fest!!

things are only as good

as you allow them to be.
if you think you deserve to be treated like shit you will be.
aim for better, aim for the best and eventually it IS what you will get :)

basically being a vain bastard.

something new im working on.

Blessed & Betrayed.

Sunday, 3 April 2011